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LensWiki - A wiki for everything Lensmoor!

Crafting stuff:

Enchanting list

Useful stuff?
QDB - Lensquotes
Old lensquotes. Will go away soon!
Lensmoor java map copy thingy
Lensmoor Proxy Service - Information
Online players count statistics page

Stuff built for lensmoor use.
Ability comparator - This application lets you compare two files of skills and show unique ones.
Gypsy's Material combiner - Made by Jvahr, very handy :)
QualCalc source code
Qualcalc - Material combine thingy
CapCalc - Find out when you gain skillcap!
CapCalc - C# - Downloadable version.
My Spec list trigger
Who list coloring trigger
Wilderness explained a bit

Xanter's BingoMachine - Helps you keep track of your bingo-board :)
Xanter's BingoSorter - This will sort your "c 'locate object' bingo by zone.
Xanter's Bingo Scoreboard - A little tool for making a bingo scoreboard.

Plain nuttery and results of general boredom.
My desktop (zmud splitscreen)

The randomly.org link for mcclient was dead so I put it up here.
Compression guide
Compression files